• Washington State Labor Council, AFL-CIO
  • Southwest Washington Central Labor Council
  • Washington Education Association (WEA)
  • 18th Legislative District Democrats
  • 17th Legislative District Democrats
  • 49th Legislative District Democrats
  • Clark County Democratic Women
  • Young Democrats of Clark County
  • Washington State Progressive Caucus
  • Clark County Democrats
  • Equal Rights Washington
  • Pacific Northwest Regional Council of Carpenters
  • International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers, District 751
  • Oregon Federation of Nurses & Health Professionals
  • Retired Public Employees Council of Washington
  • United Association of Journeymen and Apprentices of the Plumbing and Pipe Fitting Industry of the United States and Canada
  • Humane Party of Washington

Elected Officials

  • Kathleen Nordberg, Hockinson School Board, District 2
  • Doug Lasher, Clark County Treasurer
  • Annette Cleveland, State Senator, 49th LD
  • Monica Stonier, former State Representative, 17th LD


  • "Eric is the right choice at the right time to replace an incumbent that has been bought and paid for by special interests and PAC Money. Time to return true representation in Olympia for the 18th LD."

    - Rich Rogers, Chair, Clark County Democrats
  • "I have been very impressed with this man. He has a strong commitment to family and community, he is smart, logical, and not afraid of hard work or undertaking a huge challenge when he knows it's the right thing to do. Eric is the smart choice and the right choice to be the change the 18th needs in our state senate."

    - Candy Bonneville, Chair, 18th LD Democrats

  • Liz Campbell, Vice Chair, Clark County Democrats & State Committeewoman, 18th LD Democrats
  • Jacqueline Kuran, Treasurer, 18th LD Democrats
  • Tanisha Harris
  • "I simply cannot support the incumbent any longer. Truth and integrity matter, Eric has both, his opponent has neither.

    We don't always agree. But I know that when Eric speaks, he's telling it like he sees it and that's the most important thing to me."

    - Kelly Hinton
  • Marsha Manning
  • Jacqueline Lane
  • Catherine Morton
  • Candi Snyder
  • Kristin Nordberg, Teacher
  • Kerry Jeffrey, Teacher
  • Melissa Boles
  • Audrey Miller
  • Tavis Oehley
  • Ian Coker, 18th LD Democrats, PCO Coordinator
  • Alixandra Coker, Teacher
  • Gloria Procella
  • Alex Wakeham
  • Valerie Zacha
  • Gina Garcia
  • "Eric's work and personal experience make him more than qualified to be our next Senator for LD18. It will be great to have someone honest and unencumbered by financial conflicts of interest who represent the mostly rural people in this district instead of someone who represents special interests with lots of money to buy influence in Olympia."

    - Thomas Gibson,
    Owner, Senior Market Services
  • Diana Lal
  • Don Lentz, Only Art Studio
  • Jodi Frisina, Retail Store Manager
  • Coralee Brewer
  • Michelle Wallace, PCO, Precinct 653
  • "Eric would be a great asset to the Senate"

    - Rhona Sykes

  • Adrian Hayes
  • Melanie Davis, The Goldfinch Movement
  • Mandalynn Harbert
  • "Eric is a true Progressive. I believe he possesses the skill to build coalitions in the Washington State Senate to move our state forward."

    - Paulina Oberg, 2016 Democrat Precinct 445/Clark County Delegate for Bernie Sanders
  • "Eric is an advocate for our community's well being not corporations. He's a breath of fresh air and will represent the people."

    - Rhonda Walker, Co-Founder, Philly Awakening
  • Heather Wilkinson
  • Jeff Angelo
  • Alexandra Nevard
  • Todd Nevard
  • Shannon Biklen
  • Mike Briggs
  • "I was shocked to learn that the teachers in Washington State have the lowest salaries in the USA and,then to hear Ann Rivers say we would have to tax citizens, never big corporations such as those who her hubby works with, to do any better! I spoke with one teacher who will have poverty wages at retirement and had to buy supplies with her pitiful salary for the children!"

    Dorethea Simone, BSN
  • "As a delegate for Bernie Sanders from the 18th, Eric Holt represents the values of open government and common sense that our community supports. Ann Rivers and the Republican Senate have gutted Medicare mental health care in Clark County. They have been fiscally irresponsible, and they do not represent the people, they represent greedy corporations. Recently, Ann has taken money from Seattle limousine liberals in the marijuana business who represent another form of big business, that is, big canna. The republicans have underestimated the power of the people this election cycle. Times they are a changing, and we need REAL governance by people who are driven by the courage of their convictions, not dirty hands and a cheap buck."

    Elizabeth Hallock
  • "Dear Clark County Neighbors,
    I would like to offer my endorsement for Eric Holt for Washington State Senator, Legislative District 18.

    Eric has the leadership experience along with the business experience which will put him in a very good place to make positive changes for us. I for one am very dissatisfied with the lack of funding for our children's schools. We owe it to our children to provide a full education which will allow them to grow and develop and reach their full potential. I believe through Eric's experience in business, he will bring new strength to the senate and push until we have full educational funding. Our children are our future and we owe it to them to give them the strongest footing we possibly can.

    Our state infrastructure is failing us. I am sure I am not the only one who notices the roads and bridges in many places are falling apart. Our roads need repair not just small patches that within months once again fall apart. Not to mention, the I5 Bridge must be replaced. I believe Eric has the drive to reach across the divide and get our roads repaired.

    It is time to get the legislature to listen and start working together instead of stonewalling and making excuses. I believe Eric has the experience, the fresh voice, and the perseverance to bring needed change.

    This is why I am voting for and endorsing Eric Holt as the State Senator for Legislative District 18."

    - Michelle Gregory, PCO-Elect, 18th LD, Precinct 925
  • "We need real progressives in office. That's why Eric has my endorsement, and that's why Eric has my vote."

    - Caden Landy, PCO, Precinct 958

  • James Barber Sr., Board of Directors, CACNP

  • Jean Thomas

  • "Honesty, integrity and dedication are the hallmarks of Eric Holt's candidacy. He represents the best in progressive politics and will represent the people, not the just the rich and powerful, in the 18th. Most importantly, he is the future of politics here in Clark County but I believe eventually in higher office. I wholeheartedly endorse Eric Holt for State Senator of the 18th LD!"

    - Anthony Teso,
    Retired Special Education Teacher and Administrator

  • Karen Asbury, Small Business Owner

  • Val Alexander

  • Ian Hudson,  Constituent and Veterans Advocate, 22tooMany

  • Shane Nehls, Ironworkers Local 29

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